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Exotic Essentials

 Exotics are a wonderful breed but do require upkeep to keep fully healthy and happy.

Below is a list of items that we have found helpful in raising our babies. Please feel free to reach out with any and all questions. 


Dental Treats - Helps keep the teeth clean - They get two - three AM Afternoon and More dental treats

Dental Gel - Rub on his teeth in the evening 


I cannot stress enough how important dental health is for cats. Gum disease can lead to heart problems. 


Page One:


This is CRUCIAL for an Exotic as you want to keep their eyes clean. Wipe eyes in the morning and in the evening. You want to order the 16 oz EYE WASH (always keep this in stock) 1 bottle of the EYE POWDER and a bunch of cotton rounds (you can get cotton rounds at Costco) I will show you how to clean his eyes when you come to get him. If you would prefer to get this stuff off of Amazon – I recommend Eye Envy. It is more expensive but pricier than Page One.


Drinkwell Pet Fountain - This is a life and time saver. Buy extra filters and the cleaning kit as well. Cats love running water and it will keep the water fresh and happy. 


Cat Comb -. Exotics don't have long hair like Persians but they ARE short haired Persians, so their coats are just as long and thick. They will shed twice a year and you want to brush them once a week, more if you want to bond with him. 


Shampoo - You will want to bathe him once every 4 months with a combination of this shampoo and non-concentrate Dawn dish soap (the kind you buy at the drug store, not Dawn Premium, Ultra or Platinum, just regular Dawn). Creeps is a pleasure to wash. I will be happy to show you how to do it. 


Dry Food - This is the dry food he is eating. It is always cheapest to order this off of Amazon. You want to keep him on high quality dry AND wet food. Keeps them in shape and the kidney's functioning. 


L-Lysine - This is a supplement you put into his food in the AM and PM. It helps the immune system and helps fight off upper respiratory bugs. As you can imagine with a squishy face comes some nasal issues. But not if you keep them healthy!

I know it's a lot and these cats are amazingly special but also delicate. You want to give them what you get back - and you will get back a lot. Of course I'm always available for any questions and I will be more than happy to show you how to do absolutely everything. 


Also raw food is the best and kindest thing you can do for a cat. They are by nature predators and love meat and it keeps them healthier in every way possible. You can buy pre made raw at Mud Bay or if you want to get committed we can teach you how to mix it yourself!

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