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SGCA Silverbrook Lucille Blue

Lucille Lulubelle Kitty Cat of House Ball, First of her Name, the Blue, Queen of the World and the First Zots, Empress of the Great Nip Sea, Chainer of Dumb Doggies and Mother of Kitties.

The Blessed Blue Creature was the feline love that began this crazy journey. 

On her free time she enjoys being fabulous, going to decadent meals with her girlfriends, sending hate mail to Meryl Streep and trying to find a way to stop the encroaching Garden Gnome Wars. 

LA SGC AshlinZots Powder Puff Girl

What a beauty this beauty is. Powder is perfection personified and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Although a perfect specimen of the breed, fate ended her career as a queen but not before she gave us her beautiful son, Puffin, to keep her genes in our program. 

RW SGCA Chittagong Varys Khan

A beautiful Birman, the Lord Spider, is always creeping about listening to his father's secrets. Entrusted to our care by Patty Hopps of Chittagong Birmans, Varys was the second cat added to our household. The Master of Whispers loves to be spooned, take leisurely strolls through the gardens and is always ready to tell close friends the story of how he was cut...

Prekanese Radagast of Valyria

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RW SGCA KurilianGems Harleen Quinzel

A rare breed is a thing of beauty. Dr. Quinzel came to us from our dear friend Alex Marinets in Vancouver B.C. Harley is a sweet, playful and active girl who loves to jump as high as she can and trills when she's excited. She makes sure her dads always know we're her #1 puddins. 

Puff Puff Pass

As unique as he is adorable - Puff Puff is quite an oddity: An Exotic Shorthair, that did not smush.  A mischevious boy, he keeps us entertained with his naughty muzzled ways. 

RW SGCA Bayview Zots Brightroar

He came as part of a pair, brother to Beatrix, Kiddo is a mini-me to his big brother, Thenardier. The shyest of all our cats, Kiddo is a sucker for tummy rubs and loves to pop his lips when he's not a fan of whatever activities hoomins are subjecting him to. 

Valyria Babu Frik

Hey, hey!

IW QGC Skeenville Scissor Me Timbers


Valyria The Child

Grogu is a gift from the universe. 

Valyria Moonchild

A present to ourselves from our first litter. 

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